SaiTools Is a conglomeration of the tools, textures, brushes i’ve made over the years for PaintTool SAI. This a pre-order form. You will be contacted within 15 days with a paypal money request. 

Brushes to be release on the 1st of Jan.

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Every 100 orders I will make a new tutorial. All orders will come with brush making tutorial. 

  •  $5 Regular - All Brushes, 20 Paper, 5 Hatch, 14 Textures
  •  $10 Manga - All Brushes, 20 Paper, 25 Hatch, 14 Textures, 25 Screentones, How to use Screen Tones Guide
  •  $20 Manga - All Brushes, All Textures, How to use Screen Tones Guide, Short Video Explaining Brush Use


Q: Aren’t these just sliders?
A: No, not if you’re using sai correctly. These are custom textures and brush tips i’ve made and built over the years. You’ve seen me use them and now you can have them.

Q: Some of these textures look similar.
A: Some of them are darker or blurrier versions because the effect the brush differently. Some of them are rotated to create a hatching effect.

Q: You can do screen tones in sai?
A: You sure can! And you can even do variable dot size stuff with certain brush settings.

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This is has been my biggest wish for years.